Paige Hinton

Teacher, 200HR


When I started practicing yoga I was a professional dancer in NYC who was looking for another ”workout” to stay skinny. But here’s what I found: yoga became my church and a spiritual journey connecting me to the Divine; sweating on my mat became my prayers helping me live with more compassion, stay focused and honest; showing up to a yoga class was healing my broken heart after a very hard breakup allowing me to deal with reality in a loving way, and… I was staying fit and strong. To top it off I embraced a new love for my body instead of judging it. Hallelujah!

I'm passionate about guiding people to have better communication with their bodies through the practices of yoga and extremely devoted to creating a fun and inspiring place on the mat to safely let lose of any mental, physical or spiritual inhibition holding people back from living a full and marvelous life.

My 200-hour training at Laughing Lotus Yoga Center in NYC, my experience teaching since 2009, background as a professional dancer, meditation practice, and spiritual studies have allowed me to follow my mission to help people cultivate courage, strength, compassion and rejuvenate a deep love for themselves and their bodies.

Certifications: 200HR

Studio/Style: Laughing Lotus NYC, Vinyasa & Bhakti