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Each week you'll receive 3 Online Classes with Video guidance & 2 Audio Classes to Download and take outdors, into your guest room, or anywhere else you decide to dedicate to your practice.

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If you practice regularly there are two options... Enroll in our Auto-Renew Member Studio which gives unlimited access to all of our online content, or become a Mini Subscriber. Mini Subscribers get a curated package of classes each week consisting of 3 Online Classes & two Audio downloads. This package includes vinyasa, yin, restorative, and softer meditation or nidra tools.  The idea is to give you BALANCE and allow you to experience what yoga can do when practiced in a varied way (for body AND mind) on a regular basis.  Monthly subscription is $59.  


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Single Online Classes & Audio classes are available for adults AND children.  We are also making some content available for free as a commitment to our students who are in unchartered financial territory.  Scroll down to browse our library of paid-rental and free classes, tutorials, tools and audio courses.  

Purchases are made thru paypal.  Most classes are available for rent for 48 Hours for $3.99 a class or to purchase and download at $12-15 a class.  Enjoy your class with us!

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Need a free resource for yoga? On Sundays we will offer a free video each to support those without work or on a stricter budget.

{sacred} Flow All Levels (45Mins)

with Kayla

Ahimsa for Young Yogis with Stefanie - 25 mins

{sacred} Flow Advanced (60 Mins)

with Kayla 

Downward Dog Tutorial

with Annelise


Individual Rental Classes

Yin for Happy Hips (45 Mins)

with Malerie


with Malerie

Free for #SundayYoga... grab pillows, blankets, towels, blocks, books, and anything else that might seem like it would work to help support you in this 45 minute healing practice.  <3 Our Gift for you!

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Audio Classes

this Intermediate practice is all about FLOW and Finding Possibilities in a tough space of life. It works into 2nd chakra and the hips & hamstrings.  Yoga Strap or hand towel is helpful but not required.  All Levels-Advanced welcome but best for intermediate/advanced students. 
stress reduction does not require drastic is often small things, done frequently and consistently that make the largest impact. This simple body scan is FREE and available for you to use as often as you need it!   Rest or sit comfortably. 
this all levels practice touches on the length of the spine and space in the side bodys and heart. Recorded on our first day of quarantine at our studios, it addresses some of the energy around the idea of going home and being home for an unknown amount of time. 
{sacred} Sweat is a faster-pace flow designed to move your body with creative transitions and a meaningful intention.  Best for intermediate to advanced students.  This class is led by Malerie and was recorded on March 23, 2020 and works with the mythology around Garuda.
Mindful Hot is a class designed to build strength, open range of motion, generate heat, and focus the mind. It's appropriate for al levels including beginners without injuries. Be prepared to move at a steady and strong pace.  This class is lead by Kayla and recorded on March 23rd. 
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