Three tips for your home practice.

I already know some of the bad behavior around our "home practice" because I have the same struggles.  When you don't like the posture, you leave... when it's time for savasana you turn it off and if someone calls you or any number of distractions rear their head - it's an opportunity to "skip out". 

I want to offer a bit of advice though....because with a little thought and discipline you CAN increase your success at home. 

The first step is to show up, though, right...?  So Tip #1 - Schedule it or Write it Down.

We do more when we commit. Signing up for class is not necessary online and I know that takes some of the accountability away but who says you can't have your own personal challenge.  Grab a journal and write a "self-care" list for the week.  Then commit to it.  

What's my self-care formula? Three yoga classes, one long bath, one early night of sleep and a deep conditioning. I leave myself flexiblity on when these things happen but I do write it down each week and do my best to stick with it. 

Once you're on the mat, we have to truly set ourselves up for success.  And that's where Tip #2 comes in

- Create a boundary

What our studio offers that is difficult to replicate are 4-Physical Walls as a barrier between you and your life.  If you get mindful, though, you can recreate a "boundary" around your practice at home.  

If you are practicing in a dedicated yoga room it's a bit easier. But if you are multi-purposing your space you need to make sure that when you are doing yoga you move anything not related to the practice out of arms reach or eye's view.  If the only open space, for example, is your kitchen then use it.  But clear the counters, move the trash can and make it less empty.  Then once you are done roll up your mat.  Even if you have a yoga room...get into the habit of rolling up your mat to keep it clean and to signify the practice is over.

Before practice begins you can also create a mental boundary where you name in your mind the thing that is dominating your attention today and mentally let it be for practice...

This way your practice and your life don't start to blend together. to replicate the energy of the studio?  Tip #3 - Add Earth. 

Our spaces at home are not always the best.  But - alittle earth makes it all better.  

What constitutes earth?  Plants, greenery, wood, day light, sounds from out doors, a few rocks, a bowl of water... Get creative and even symbolic with how you choose to ground your space.  It's also helpful to place a bit of earth between you and electronic fields so if your router or modem are starting you down...break it up with a potted plant...grab it just for practice, and put it away after. 

Try these and see if it helps you even in the smallest way - feel like you're back in the studio with us <3