Yoga is a great exercise but it's also more than exercise.  We developed our {sacred} online platform for one reason...

We are committed to yoga as a lifestyle.


Online classes can be much more accessible to those who are intimidated by the studio environment & are here for you when you don't have time to make it into a studio. Our platform is also rich with tools like yoga nidra (that go beyond the physicality of yoga) and tutorials (that will keep you healthy and on your mat daily).  

Thru our online portal you can get a glimpse of what {sacred} thread is all about and why we are so compelled to share yoga with the masses.  Our classes are designed to empower you, to strengthen the body and breath connection -- but we always honor the body as it is today.  As it shows up on the mat in this moment. 

This is not a bootcamp, unless there is a such thing as a bootcamp for your soul <3

For $18.00 a Month you can subscribe and get ALL our teacher's content. Cancel any time.

Each practice is also available as a 36-hour rental - so pick one and hit the mat.  Take a peak at our {sacred} thread channel - or - browse a few classes and read about our style below.

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Yin Flow is like a perfect pair of jeans - it fits 
almost any mood. Yin Flow at home in a 70-min
practice with Annelise Lonidier.  
Learn the Fundamentals of Handstand with
this mini-workshop from Sumayya Allen. 


Yoga Nidra

Stress-Relieving : All Levels

{sacred} Flow

Creative & Empowered : Various

Yin Flow

Rejuvenating : All Levels

This "practice" involves no movement at all and leans toward the idea of meditation. Yoga Nidra includes body scan, sensory perception and imagery exercises & has been show to have tremendous effects on the function of our brain, not to mention our relationship with Self and ability to alleviate stress.  A consistent practice of yoga nidra may ease insomnia, improve work performance, increase proprioception and stimulate deep relaxation.  


This is needed for EVERYONE whether you practice yoga or not, but especially for those with a regular yoga practice. 

Most people confuse "Yin" and "Restorative" - as both tap into elements of stillness. But Yin is different & Yin Flow includes elements of Vinyasa. 


A regular yin practice has considerable impact to chronic tightness and inbalances caused by overuse. It's typically practiced on a "cool" body so we tap less into muscular length & more into fascial tension. Because of this we view yin as the ultimate in rejuvenating the body & as maintenance all yogi's should perform.  

This class starts with yin and moves into a fluid vinyasa sequence designed to take you toward a peak pose. By using Yin as our warm up, you'll go deeper into postures and move more freely in transitions between as we start to flow.

Our SIGNATURE style connects movement to breath, builds strength and increases range of motion. {sacred} Flow is one part power yoga, one part journey thru the energy body. Each practice is infused with creative transitions and moves fluidly to encourage breath.  This class is available as a beginner, all levels, intermediate and advanced level.
Vinyasa yoga is powerful and encourages transformation but our {sacred} Flow series is also designed with the idea of honoring the body as it is today. 
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