from the Bhagavad Gita to the voting booth...and beyond.

What do you feel when you close your eyes and imagine hearing the results of our upcoming election? 


For so many, even this thought triggers a visceral stress response.  Whether it's anger, fear, regret, despair or even sadness over how families are split along political lines - it's easy to see why politics has traditionally been a "taboo" subject.  

But times are changing.

We used to think it was better not to talk politics. We educated ourselves on the issues at hand and quietly cast our vote.  But that was when we voted for ourselves... 

Now we feel an inherent responsibility to vote for the greater good of everyone and especially the most marginalized among us.  And with this type of a "vote" we understand the importance of actively speaking out, engaging in dialogue with others and advocating beyond the voting booth....

No matter your politics, no matter how divisive things become, yoga tells us the answer is not to be quiet and withdraw.  Yoga shows us it is ultimately deep & absolute connection to others which brings change, ends suffering and leads us to samadhi. 




Join Annelise, Malerie and Stefanice in a 3-Part Series that motivates us to act, empowers us to speak, and asks us to be...

What you'll get:

Three classes that explore what it means to be a voting, active yoga practitioner in today's election environment.

Class One launches on October 17th.  Stefanie Boettle explores the message and lessons of the Bhagavad Gita - a quintessential text of yogic activism, guiding your in movement on the mat and action off....

Class Two launches on October 24th.  Malerie Golgan leads a practice centered around uncovering & empowering your voice and trusting your ability to speak up while being guided by "heart" and "purpose". 

Class Three is an "all-day immersion" on Tuesday, November 3rd that begins with a Live Mantra Meditation and offers a poignant way to "be"... when our work is not done but our vote has been cast. Annelise Lonidier leads morning mantra and a soul-stirring gentle flow, restorative and heart-felt yoga nidra to refuel our hearts and unplug our minds.  


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3 On-Demand Classes that combine

Vinyasa, Restorative, Philosophy, Nidra & More

Guidance on how to Act, Speak & Be

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3 On-Demand Classes that combine

Vinyasa, Restorative, Philosophy, Nidra & More

Guidance on how to Act, Speak & Be

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3 On-Demand Classes that combine

Vinyasa, Restorative, Philosophy, Nidra & More

Guidance on how to Act, Speak & Be

for those who wish to further our work

How it's delivered...

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Content launches Saturday, October 17th

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Stefanie Boettle

I'm Stefanie, senior teacher & mentor at Sacred Thread Yoga. I've been teaching Yoga for over 11 years & practicing for over 16. As a former professional dancer I am particularly invested in the experience of how we can use the tools of Asana to investigate our ego layers and arrive at a deeper level of our soul and true being. My work is to assist students in learning how to adjust the tools so they work for their particular needs. Then the practice becomes inclusive and accessible to all.