from the Bhagavad Gita to the voting booth...and beyond.

ACT with Stefanie Boettle

For this practice please have 2 blocks, 1 blanket or cushion, a Journal and Pen and a music playing device <3. 

Find music here:




Class Two Launches October 24th

SPEAK with Malerie Golgan

For practice you'll need blocks, a bolster, wall space and a tennis ball if you have one. If not no biggie you can use your block. :)

Class Three Launches November 1st

"Be" with Annelise Lonidier

For practice you'll need blocks and a bolster...If you'd like music for class grab it here:

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Malerie Golgan

I am Malerie, a senior teacher and teacher manager for {sacred} thread yoga. I've been teaching yoga for 6yrs & my passion lies in transforming asana into something deeper for students, guiding teachers on their path to authenticity in teaching. My hope is to make every student who practices with me feel connected and whole and every teacher who trains with me to feel courageous in their voice knowing their unique experience and perspective is needed.