{sacred} Flow

200HR Immersion in the System of Yoga

A {sacred} Flow 200HR Immersion is an embodied experience for those looking to rejuvenate their physical practice & move beyond a purely physical definition of yoga. 

We layer pranayama, mantra, meditation, mudras, and storytelling into each {sacred} Flow class and focus on these elements in our training. Because we are committed to enabling strong teachers immediately, your skills can be put to use working in the community, advocating for yoga in corporate environments, teaching in a studio setting, improving your personal connection to yoga and creating an empowered home practice.


Our program is unique because we weave in trauma-sensitivity, inclusivity, service work, and social entrepreneurship.  Graduates have gone on to open studios, develop community programs, integrate yoga into schools & medical settings and change their communities! 

Styles Covered in Our Training Include

Creative Vinyasa


Yin Yoga

Restorative Yoga

Pre & Post Natal Yoga

Trauma-Informed Yoga

Pricing: Weekend Training $3250

Who are the teachers?

Our training unique is directed by Annelise Lonidier, owner of {sacred} thread's three Atlanta studios and assisted by {sacred} thread teachers .  This year's program is a 200HR Immersion that gives a foundation in anatomy, sequencing, philosophy, subtle body anatomy, mantra, meditation, trauma-sensitivity, hands on adjustments, prenatal yoga, yin yoga and a strong vinyasa structure, which will earn you a 200HR Yoga Alliance Certified RYT.  

Stefanie Boettle


Alignment & Physiology, Inversions,

Mantra, Hands-On Adjusting, Yoga Ethics & Lifestyle, Philosophy.

Kali Arnold


Anatomy & Physiology. 

Annelise Lonidier

Founder / Training Director

Energetics, Creative Sequencing, Trauma & Social Entrepreneurship, Teaching Methodology. 

Malerie Golgan


Alignment & Teaching Methodology, Meditation, and Mentorship. 

What topics are covered in the 200-Hour Training?

History of Yoga

Yoga Philosophy - 8-Limbed Path

Alignment Principles

Anatomy & Physiology

Mantra / Japa Mantra / Bhakti

Chakras, Koshas, Vayu's




Ayurveda Intro

Subtle Body Wisdom 

Stillness Practices (Yin/Restorative/Nidra)
Hands on Adjustments

Creative Sequencing

Business of Yoga

Dharma of Teaching / Development of Your Voice

2019 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training Dates:

Weekend Program Dates

Aug 9-11

Aug 23-25

Sept 6-8

Sept 20-22

Oct 4-6

Oct 18-20

Nov 1-3

Nov 15-17

Dec 6-8

Dec 20 & 21

Jan 4

Jan 17-19

Immersion Program Dates 2020



What is the format of the training course?

We offer A Weekend & One-Month immersion option with our 200HR program.  Weekend trainings generally run:

Friday 6:30PM-9:30PM 

Saturday 10AM-6PM

Sunday 10:30AM-6:30PM

You will be responsible for attending 15 {sacred} thread classes & meeting twice with your mentor outside of training weekends.

For information on our 25-Day Immersion in Cuba please click here.


Will I be certified after this Immersion?

Our program is recognized by Yoga Alliance.  Upon completion of the program you'll be eligible for a RYT200 designation  This, however, assumes you've been present for each training day or made up missed time prior to the graduation date.  


Is a payment plan available?

Yes. Your deposit will be deducted from the cost of training and the remainder is due in payments.  For our weekend program we have five even installments made August 15th, September 15th, October 15th, December 1st, and January 15th.  


Who is this training for?

Dedicated students and teachers who are interested in deepening their understanding of the teachings of Yoga Philosophy and Yoga Asana from a place of embodied experience. There is not a need to teach after training, though we do focus on cultivating your voice as a teacher.  The basis of this experience is you & your peers.  Training is interactive and experiential. From a place of clear comprehension you will form your own way of sharing the wisdom with others.  


What is the Cost of Training?

Our Weekend Program is $3250 and includes binder, books, journal, fifteen classes at our studios, and your certificate. During the tenure of training you'll also receive 30% off extra classes, 15% of retail and sweet perks & treats.  


I've Completed My Application and Been Accepted.  How do I deposit?

The only way to secure a spot in training is to deposit on one.


Weekend Program: 

Our deposit is $800. To Deposit for the 200HR Atlanta program - click here


What if I miss a session?

We have two 7-Hour dedicated make up days.  We will assign "deliverables" to present your peers during this time based on the content you miss.  Time missed beyond this will require submitting your own "make up" plan for approval which should be  constructed of workshops at {sacred} thread and individual private time with faculty. Workshops run $25-50 an hour generally and Private Rates are typically $80-100 an Hour. While you will still be welcomed to complete the Immersion, missing more than 25 hours of training time is not permitted relative to Yoga Alliance Certification.   


How do I apply?  

Please complete the application for training thoughtfully.  We will have Info Sessions Monthly beginning in November 2018 for both of our 2019 programs.  Attending, Applying & Depositing AT an info session comes with a $300 Discount on our Weekend Program and $100 Off the mentorship portion of the training program.


I'm considering Making the Leap to Come to Cuba.  I wanna learn more...  

Our Immersion Program is AMAZING and something we strongly encourage for anyone able to get away for a month.  

Travel to Cuba in itself is an experience!

Read all about this program here.