200HR Immersion

Reach Deeper.  Teach With More Heart. 

 Three Week Cuba Immersion & Exchange

in Santa Maria Del Mar, Cuba

June 8 - June 30th 

Next Five Enrollees / $2999 

Come to Cuba.

Just. Do it. 

Each day you'll wake up to a morning practice by the ocean and here the sounds of birds singing and the steady rhythm of waves crashing on our beach.  You'll have space and freedom to cultivate your voice. Your authentic voice. Your inspired voice.  

Our format for our Summer Immersion includes three weeks in Cuba to build a solid foundation for students who wish to deepen their practice and teachers who wish to teach from an embodied space. 

Week One will focus on You.

You'll experience the power of daily vinyasa layered with the magic of introspective practices like Yin, Restorative, Yoga Nidra and Meditation. We start from this space, a space of self-care and self-knowledge so you can tap into authenticity. 

Week Two will build Teaching Methodologies.  From this space we build.. 

We'll touch on guiding vinyasa to the breath, proper cueing of alignment, hands on adjusting, managing your students injuries and various experience levels - all under the guise of how to cultivate & maintain a clear and empowered voice. We'll work thru the history of yoga, the philosophy of yoga and it's many tools both on and off the mat. 

Week Three brings it all together.  You'll work thru sequencing and creating a magical experience that can inspire, empower, or heal based on what you need in your home practice or what your students are desiring. 

For those interested in going on to earn a 200HR Certification, you enter a personal 10-hour mentorship post-immersion. This will include in-studio shadowing and teaching (if you live in Atlanta) OR an online teacher-mentorship. 

Beyond the magic of yoga, which is infinite and runs deep...you'll learn about a different culture, have opportunities to practice yoga and explore the country in free time.  You'll be able to read in the shade and watch the local Cuban street dogs play.  At night, the stars shine BRIGHT and you'll see the constellations from the beach.  This experience is amazing and personally curated to our group of 12.  So grab your spot and let us take care of the rest! 
Yoga Alliance-Certified 200HR Teacher Training
$2999 All-Inclusive (Immersion Only)
$3499 All-Inclusive plus 200HR program Certification (includes 10-HR Post Immersion Mentorship)
Non-Refundable $800 Deposit Required Upon Acceptance
Our 2019 Immersion runs June 8th-30th and includes organic, DELICIOUS cuban-fused foods (gluten-free and vegan options available, fish optional), your accommodations in Cuba, books & binders.  To earn the full 200HR designation you'll have the option to complete a 10-HR mentorship for an additional $500 once back home.  The mentorship component is unique and something we feel strongly about - something missing from typical month-long immersions.  We've designed this to address many of the obstacles Trainees around the world face when they undertake immersions (a feeling of being overwhelmed or not sure where to begin once back home) and to get those who leave training with a strong desire to teach into a studio to do that.  

2019 Cuba Training Faculty

Our Cuba Immersion includes 23-Days on the beaches of Havana and a subsequent 10-HOUR personal mentorship (or life coaching).  The curriculum for Cuba is the same as our Weekend Training program but allows you to dive deeper into a daily practice and the possibility of transformation when we are able to focus with a one-pointed mind.  Cuba brings a unique opportunity - without the traps of home & the influence of capitalism - to see clearly and find your True Nature.  

What topics are covered in the 200-Hour Training?

History of Yoga

Yoga Philosophy - 8-Limbed Path

Alignment Principles

Anatomy & Physiology

Mantra / Japa Mantra / Bhakti

Chakras, Koshas, Vayu's




Ayurveda Intro

Subtle Body Wisdom 

Stillness Practices (Yin/Restorative/Nidra)
Hands on Adjustments

Creative Sequencing

Business of Yoga

Dharma of Teaching / Development of Your Voice

What is the format of the training course?

  • Sunday - Thursday 
    • Quiet Wake-Up​
    • Daily Practice 7:00AM-9:00AM
    • Working Breakfast 9:00-9:30AM
    • AM Module 9:30-1:00PM
    • Lunch & Siesta Break 1:00-4:00PM
    • PM Module 4:00-7:30PM
    • Dinner 7:45PM

Who is this training for?

Dedicated students and teachers who are interested in deepening their understanding of the teachings of Yoga Philosophy and Yoga Asana from a place of embodied experience. There is not a need to teach after training, though we do focus on cultivating your voice as a teacher.  The basis of this experience is you & your peers.  Training is interactive and experiential. From a place of clear comprehension you will form your own way of sharing the wisdom with others.  

What is the cost & what does it include?

The full price of training with 200HR certification is $3499 thru December 31st. The price includes shared-occupancy accommodations, all onsite food & drink (not including alcohol), 200HRs of Yoga Alliance approved training, books and binders.  Should you wish to take this as only an immersion ple-the price is $2999 thru December 31st. 

A $800 deposit is required to hold a space.  Deposit is non-refundable.  


The price does not include airfare & visa, transfers on the island or airfare to Cuba (transfer is approx $40 each way), personal excursions, alcohol or tips to staff.  We typically budget $600-800 for airfare, visa, and spending money in Cuba.  

What if I miss a session?

As a dedicated immersion program there is really less risk of missing time.  That being said if you are not able to complete the full 23 Days and wish to get a 200HR certificate, you may audit up to 8 hours of our next 200HR Atlanta-Based program OR work thru workshops to fulfill up to 16 hours toward the completion your program.  For time missed beyond this, we will offer a 15% discount on a future training.  If you do not wish to get a 200HR certificate....well then no harm.  We feel confident you'll get alot out of this program and come back feeling refreshed, restored, and re-inspired!  

Will I be certified after this training?

Our program is recognized by Yoga Alliance.  The 23-Day Cuba immersion includes 10-Hours of teaching and mentorship upon return to Atlanta or via Skype.  In order to be eligible for a RYT200 designation thru yoga alliance you will need to be present each training day or make up missed time prior to the graduation date, complete all assignments, demonstrate comprehension on a final exam and complete the mentorship within 4 months of returning home. 

Where do we stay in Cuba?

While in Cuba we will be starting at Mhai Retreat center in Santa Maria Del Mar area.  The villa is clean, spacious and air-conditioned.  It is a short walk (less than 2 minutes) to the beach and has it's own private pool.  Bring items that will make your space your own including any indulgences that you'd like for self-care or personal rituals.  This is a powerful time of transformation.  

Cuba is an amazing country because of it's people and this training will allow a tremendous amount of cultural immersion.  We'll provide travel tips, packing tips.  Our villas are shared spaces so there will be no smoking allowed.  We request a "lights out" by 10PM on the evenings that proceed training days to prepare for the next day's practice and a "quiet" period from 6:00-7:00AM as you awaken. Practices start promptly at 7:00AM.  On off days we will forego these "rules" but ask for courtesy to your neighbors and roommates. During the training days please plan to stay in our villa.  On free days you are encouraged to travel and explore as you wish.  

What is the food like in Cuba?

Food in Cuba in general can be hit or miss truthfully.  However, our retreat center is lucky to have a gourmet chef (who also works at one of the hottest restaurants in Havana) and the food is incredible.  The cuisine at Mhai is vegetarian but it is not boring.  Think creative, cuban-inspired, fresh food.  There are weekly options for fish and it's completely possible to work with a vegan or celiac-safe diet.  In general, Cuban food is free of pesticides, locally sourced and very fresh.  If you go into Havana we will recommend the places to eat for an amazing dining experience.  This is one of the perks of working with us - we got you covered!

Is travel ok for Americans?

Yes.  ​We host an annual guided and fully licensed educational trip each year.  That experience has allowed us to put this training together. When booking flights and paying for your $50 tourist card at the airport - we will be traveling under the license of "public performances, clinics, workshops, athletic and other competitions and exhibitions".  We will maintain a file to support our activities to provide you in the event of questions.  This training will include Cuban participants and people from around the world.  

Please ensure you do, however, have a passport and that your passport does not expire within 3 months of our trip.  


How do I apply?  Or what is my next step?

We carefully select participants so that they are prepared for the curriculum.  Applications will be considered on a case-by-case basis.  We typically require 18 months of practice..  If you're newer to yoga, please contact us to set up a face-to-face meeting.  The most important piece is the willingness to commit fully to this process!  We've had yogis of all experience levels and even ages (our youngest graduate was 15 when she started training!) but the common thread is commitment.  For our Cuba Immersion all participants must be 18 or older and must have a current passport.  


This is a small-group style training with absolutely no more than 12 participants.  We likely will cap at 10 participants, however if the demand and quality of applicants is there we have room for 14.  We value the input of our training participants and want to encourage you to become a teacher thru dialogue and honest communication.  Our last training filled up four months before it started so we recommend you deposit to hold your space immediately upon acceptance.  


I've Completed My Application and Been Accepted.  How do I deposit?

To Reserve a Space for the 200HR Cuba Immersion - click here

I'm considering Making the Leap to Come to Cuba.  I wanna learn more...  

Schedule a call.  

2019 Cuba Immersion Summer Dates:

Immersion Program Dates

June 8 - June 30, 2018

Please plan to arrive in Cuba by June 8 at 10:30aM in order to be to retreat center in time for start of classes. We will begin our session on June 8th at 1:00PM.  

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