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Looking for a community yoga vibe? 



We are committed to neighborhood studios that reflect the diversity of the city & country we live in. 


Our space is more than a power yoga studio, although, we will help you sweat and build strength.  Our space is more than a restorative studio, although, we will help you find stillness and heal. ​ Our space will inspire you to express your true self, connect to that fire within and trust your intuition. Our job is to support YOU in the work you do & inspire you to find more of what feels {sacred}.



With seven specific class offerings and a commitment toward lifestyle courses, {sacred} thread provides powerful tools that allow you to practice daily without punishment & to dive deeper into a life that sparks joy.  


don't practice yesterday's yoga

When yoga is a lifestyle, there literally are "no days off" but that does not mean we must power thru and add to the chaos that is already so prominent in our pace of life. Each of our seven class styles can be taken alone or as a "fusion" and are part of a balanced approach that works to purify the body physically and energetically.  

Use as a comprehensive approach to health & wellness.

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we value the community impact of nurturing

train with us.

yoga professionals

there are many amazing yoga trainings in Atlanta but it's important to find the one that speaks to you. Our intent in building & refining our 200 Hour curriculum was simple.  We aim to:

  • Take trainees deeper in their practice with a powerful, creative vinyasa style that incorporates yin, restorative, meditation, breathwork, and yoga nidra and leaves you feeling in-tune & whole. 

  • Inspire BIG DREAMS & encourage trainees to put their authenticity to use in non-traditional ways. Yoga can be integrated into any environment and our training provides a foundation for service-work and insight into teaching privates, corporates and trauma-sensitive yoga.

  • DIVERSIFY the face of yoga... If you practice within our walls you'll notice our community comes in all shades, shapes, and ages. We believe in the importance of teacher diversification as a means of increasing inclusion and spreading yoga beyond a specific demographic.   

  • Encourage professionalism & contribute to fair wages and a sustainable lifestyle for our community's healers.  If you want to share the healing power of yoga with others, we want you to succeed! Mentorship is a major component of our program and will give you a healthy foundation toward professional sustainability & success.

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{sacred} thread has three approaches

to wellness; 

yoga, art and community.  

Our workshops, retreats and trainings

center around these three pillars

because we believe each are essential ingredients to a healthy life.  

Our focus is empowering YOU to do the work that is {sacred} to YOU

while supporting the values & ideas that matter to us.  

Our IMPACT includes creating a community that reflects the diversity of the city we live in, supporting our teachers thru sustainable wages & professional development, caring for our environment thru a monthly carbon emission commitment to offset the use of heat in our studios, and supporting non-profit work through our {sacred} GIVES program.